Cocooi™ Swaddle Set


The Cocooi merino wool swaddle (or baby wrap) is made from the finest 100% natural Merino wool, is extremely easy to use and has been designed especially with the safety and comfort of the newborn to 3 months in mind.

  • Helps baby to settle and sleep.
  • Super-fine merino is light, breathable and elastic.
  • Specially shaped to make wrapping baby quick and easy.

Size: Newborn – 3 months.

Available in 4 colours.

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Product Description

The Cocooi merino wool swaddle (or babywrap) allows you to adjust the size to fit snug around baby’s body, fitting perfectly across baby’s chest. Merino wool stretches to your baby’s body shape and holds firmly in place, allowing baby to adjust to a comfortable position.

Matching hat included.

  • Extremely easy to use, perfect fit every time with no fuss.
  • Helps settle baby.
  • Prevents waking from startle reflex.
  • Helps prevent facial scratches.
  • Vent function allowing baby to be safely secured into their car seat or buggy.
  • Merino has a smooth, non-irritant surface.
  • Merino also breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture in warm conditions and insulating through cooler times. Creates its own micro-climate around the body, regulating baby’s temperature… helping keep baby snug, warm and feeling dry.

Size: Newborn- 3 months.

The Cocooi merino wool swaddle comes with a free hat. We recommend that this hat is only used indoors for premature or low birth weight babies.

WARNING: Infants must NEVER be placed on their stomach or covered with any top sheets, duvets or blankets when swaddled. A child’s safety is the responsibility of the parents or carer.

Why merino wool?

Merino wool is beautifully fine, light and comfortable next to young skin so there’s no itch or scratch.  It is naturally fire retardent which means no harmful chemicals have been used to treat the wool…it is a pure non-allergenic fibre perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. It smells wonderful because it’s naturally antibacterial and has the ability to keep baby feeling dry, even when damp.  Merino wool is also resilient and easy care: machine washable and quick drying.  The natural stain and odour resistance also mean items actually require less washing…perfect for you and the environment.

Merino wool: nature’s wonder fibre.

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